Feel good fashion: colourful outfit ideas for styling your unique jewellery.

So I’ve been thinking about this for a while… I love fashion, I love colour, and obviously as a jewellery designer, I love accessorising. So I thought I’d let you into my colourful world and share ideas on how to style a different piece of my jewellery each week.

We will also get into how you can compliment my jewellery by wearing pops of colour. I’m going to make it a little mini series and I’m going to call it ‘Feel Good Fashion’! Every month I’ll be giving you new ways to add more colour to your wardrobe so you can feel good and always be ready to have fun with what you wear at the weekend! I really do believe that bright and bold colours are such a mood booster and you know we are all about the #dopaminedressing round here. That’s why I’m doing these monthly round ups of what I’ve been wearing to style my handmade jewellery. These outfits make me feel good and hopefully they’ll make you feel good too!

How to style my Lola Geometric Stud Earrings in Red and Pink

  1. Lola Geometric Stud Earrings in Red and Pink.
  2. T-shirt from Ganni (I’m a bit obsessed with the fluffy bunny!)
  3. Red cardigan from Arket.
  4. Pink bag from Fiorelli.
  5. Pink shoes from Saucony.

How to style my Butterfly Dangle Earrings in Blue and Mint!

Here's a cute and pretty pastel outfit that I think looks fab with my new butterfly dangle earrings in the blue and mint colourway! I mean the bag colour is an absolute perfect match to the bubblegum pink in the earrings which I was extremely chuffed with! What do you think? Would you wear this?

  1. Butterfly Flower Dangle Earrings in Blue and Mint.
  2. Pink top from Mango.
  3. Lilac cardigan from Oliver Bonas
  4. Mint trainers from Saucony.
  5. Bubblegum pink bag from Charles & Kieth.

How to style my Lola Geometric Stud Earrings in Green and Gold!

This is the perfect way to style my new zingy lime green Lola Geometric Earrings. What do you think, would you wear this?

  1. Lola Geometric Stud Earrings in Lime Green and Gold.
  2. Ocean green trainers from Wushu.
  3. Dark brown saddle bag from Charles & Kieth.
  4. White blouse by Fox & Feather.
  5. Hugs and Kisses Cardigan in Green from Kiwi&Co.